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Yale Center for Precision Cancer Modeling

The goal of the Center for Precision Cancer Modeling (CPCM) is to enable informative preclinical studies for drug development for cancer. We offer a wide variety of in vivo cancer models as well as unique models developed at Yale, including models that enable the evaluation of anti-cancer immune responses.

These cancer models can be utilized for the investigation of drug candidates as single agent therapy, comparative efficacy studies, or synergy studies with standard of care therapies. The CPCM can organize and carry-out a full suite of preclinical evaluation of the drug candidates of interest including: Toxicology (Tox), Pharmacokinetics (PK), and Pharmacodynamics (PD). The CPCM will be your partner in developing animal protocols and generating high quality data for academic publications or presentations for commercial development.


Vish Muthusamy, PhD, Executive Director

(203) 785 3464

Marcus Bosenberg, MD, PhD, Scientific Director

(203) 737 3484