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Data Science Initiative

As healthcare continues to emerge as an information science, the inefficiencies of the traditional approach to research have become readily apparent. Technology has progressed to allow us the ability to acquire massive amounts of data, often in real-time, and extend our interactions with patients beyond the traditional healthcare encounter. These advances can now power a truly learning healthcare system, where every interaction can be used to generate data and, using modern data architectures, investigators can rapidly iterate on analyses to turn these data into evidence. As we enter this new era of medicine, we have the potential to practice in a data-driven environment, leveraging data as the new reagent and analyte to power in silico diagnostics, digital therapeutics, and population-scale research that can be delivered to clinicians and patients at the bedside through innovative digital tools. At Yale Cancer Center, we are launching this Data Science Initiative to achieve the following goals:
  • Accelerate cancer research with data science and real-world data
  • Establish a framework for research based on real-world data that is more efficient, and more collaborative
  • Engage a broader swath of members of the YCC in data science
  • Establish an intake pathway for proposals
Please use the intake form to submit your ideas. Here are some sample YCC data science projects in progress, please visit Events and Gallery to learn more.

• Specialty-centric cancer research database