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Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry is a technique that allows for the rapid measurement of characteristics of small particles, such as cells, microspheres, or certain molecules, through the use of fluorescent markers and scattered light, and the isolation of particles with unique properties based on those markers. It has multiple applications in Cancer Research and relates to a number of programs within Yale Cancer Center. The Flow Cytometry Shared Resource's mission is threefold: to provide flow cytometry services that are of high quality, readily available and at reasonable cost; to educate the Yale community on the applications of flow cytometry in medical research; and to collaborate with investigators in the development of new applications. The Resource provides access to state-of-the-art multiparameter cell analysis and sorting capabilities. All YCC investigators, including those outside YCC or Yale University, are allowed access to the core facility. A wide variety of assays are performed, and the laboratory also offers consulting on experimental protocols with its experienced full time director.

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Ann M Haberman, PhD
(203) 785-7349

Grand Rounds Presentation

Dr. Ann Haberman presents during Yale Cancer Center Grand Rounds on March 26, 2019 about the Yale Flow Cytometry Facility.