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Cesium Irradiator

The Mark I Cesium-137 irradiator is designed principally for biomedical research. Its purpose is to provide accurate, convenient and reliable access to ionizing radiation to Yale University investigators for irradiations of molecular compounds, cell culture, animal and human tumor cells, and whole animal experiments. It serves as a useful research tool for researchers who are studying the effects of radiation on biological samples, animals, and cells in culture or are using radiation as part of their experiments to create mutations for studying the biologic effect of radiation, of mutations themselves, or for immunosuppression. It offers a wide range of dose rates, collimation and a controlled environment for irradiation samples.

Specific services of the Cesium-137 irradiator include irradiation of small animals such as rats, mice, hamsters, etc. in a controlled environment; irradiation of cell cultures, feeder layers, insects, bacteria, etc. in a temperature controlled, humidified or dry atmosphere of air and gases; sterilization of pharmaceuticals, medical appliances or laboratory apparatus; radiation chemistry reactions; and radiation dosimetry studies.


Zhe (Jay) Chen, PhD, FAAPM, Director

(203) 200-2014