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IVIS Spectrum

The IVIS Spectrum in vivo imaging system uses optical imaging technology to facilitate non-invasive monitoring of bioluminescent and fluorescent reporters in living animals. The IVIS Spectrum is versatile and has the capability to use either trans-illumination (from the bottom) or epi-illumination (from the top) to illuminate in vivo fluorescent sources. The instrument is equipped with 10 narrow band excitation filters (30nm bandwidth) and 18 narrow band emission filters (20nm bandwidth) that assist in significantly reducing autofluorescence by the spectral scanning of filters and the use of spectral unmixing algorithms. The IVIS Spectrum is primarily used in oncology research to follow disease progression, to detect metastasis, and quantify tumor burden longitudinally in mice.

To request access and usage policies, please contact:

Minghui Zhao

Don Nguyen