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Determining Mechanisms of Sensitivity and Resistance to Anti-Cancer Therapy for Advanced Lung Cancer

What is the purpose of this trial?

The primary objective of this study is to collect and perform molecular analyses on tumor tissue from patients with advanced lung cancer, in order to understand determinants of sensitivity and resistance to anti-cancer therapies. To achieve this objective, we will establish a collection of data (e.g. demographic, outcomes, treatment) and specimens (e.g. blood and tumor) from patients with advanced stage lung cancer. In addition to correlating pre-treatment molecular characteristics to responsiveness to such therapy, serial tumor tissue collection in some patients (before treatment, and at time of response and/ or resistance) will further allow assessment of changes in the tumor that can help elucidate mechanisms of sensitivity, primary resistance and acquired resistance to therapy. Concurrent blood draws will permit evaluation of potential pre-treatment liquid markers of response, as well as changes over time that may correlate with clinical response and changes in the tumor. This advanced lung cancer tissue collection protocol will serve as a central resource for Yale SPORE and Stand Up to Cancer Lung Cancer Dream Team projects.

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