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Director's Council

The Yale Cancer Center Director’s Council is a group of volunteers who share a commitment to Yale Cancer Center (YCC) and assist in helping it accomplish its goals and objectives. Each member agrees to serve a term of two years, which may be renewed.


The primary goal of the Council members is to become knowledgeable and informed advocates for Yale Cancer Center through site visits, meetings with the Director and faculty, printed materials, and attendance at board meetings and special events. This advocacy includes the dissemination of information to interested parties in a number of ways as well as participation in development activities intended to provide financial support for YCC.

Council members work closely with the Director, faculty and YCC leadership on many projects throughout the year. Members participate in the following ways:

  • To act as an advisor to the Director on a broad range of issues including: challenges and opportunities that YCC addresses each year; fundraising initiatives; strategic planning; and other issues of importance to the cancer center.
  • To make a personal financial commitment to YCC.
  • To help YCC secure private philanthropic gifts through the identification and solicitation of individuals, corporations and foundations believed to have the inclination and capacity to provide strong financial support.
  • To serve as an advocate for YCC throughout the community, the state, region and nation.


The YCC Director’s Council meets twice a year (spring and fall) with one meeting occasionally in New York City. Also attending are members of the YCC Executive committee and special presenters. The typical meeting format includes an overview of accomplishments and goals, new challenges and opportunities for YCC, a discussion of development projects and goals, and a special presentation in areas such as cancer research (basic, population, clinical and translational), patient care and clinical trials.