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iLab Operations Software

What is iLab?

The iLab Operations Software team, now part of Agilent Technologies, is the leader in providing web-based management services to academic research institutions with customers that include leading NIH-funded universities, research hospitals, and independent institutes. The iLab Operations Software (iLab) offers a suite of web-based tools for academic research management.

Services Offered

The functionality includes:

  • Core facility service request management
  • Enhanced sample management functionality
  • Equipment reservation and usage tracking
  • Billing and invoicing, reporting, consumables management, and lab requisitioning and spend tracking tools
  • Researchers can find all institution-supported or partner-supported services or supported resources (e.g., equipment) in one central location and request services or reserve resources through a common process using their institution logins
  • Researchers can monitor the status of their requests and reservations at any time
  • File attachments, communications with the service provider, and billing information are all linked to each request, streamlining the billing process and providing quick reference when needed