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The Yale Cancer Center Consortium to Advance Equity in Early Phase Clinical Trials

The Yale Cancer Center Consortium to Advance Equity in Early Phase Clinical Trials is a multi-year, multidisciplinary membership opportunity comprised of leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, philanthropic stakeholders, and community leaders working hand-in-hand with Yale clinician-scientists to advance a novel model for clinical trial participation. As this initiative has untapped potential to improve state-of-art accessibility to early phase cancer clinical trials across industry and academic sectors, Yale Cancer Center is seeking a plurality of corporate members for this initiative, which is not exclusive to a single party.

The Consortium has three pillar aims:

  • To conduct a multi-level assessment of the unique facilitators and barriers to recruitment of under-represented minority (URM) populations to early phase (Phase Ia/Ib/I with expansion cohorts/limited Phase II) cancer clinical trials, addressing patient, provider, health system, and policy-level influences.
  • To implement a sustainable hybrid decentralization clinical trials model which will:
    • Increase recruitment of URM patients to early phase oncology clinical trials
    • Maintain patient safety and data integrity of early phase clinical trials
  • To evaluate the patient, provider, and health system experience of the hybrid decentralization model and assess its ability to address barriers to early phase trial inclusion of URM patients.

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