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2014 Grand Rounds Video Archive

December 9, 2014: Martin Slade, PhD - Beyond Original Intent - Using Corporate Databases for Health Research

December 9, 2014: Nina Kadan-Lottick, MD - Childhood Cancer Survivors - Caring for our HEROES

December 2, 2014: Patricia LoRusso, DO - The UM-1 Funding Mechanism and "What it brings to the table"

December 2, 2014: David Hafler, MD - Regulatory Trials in Tumors

November 4, 2014: Anne Chiang, MD, PhD - Emotional Distress Assessment Initiative: A case report of quality improvement at SCH Care Centers

November 4, 2014: Gary Kupfer, MD - Tales of Genomic Instability

October 21, 2014: Jennifer Malin, MD, PhD - Realigning Reimbursement Policies for Quality and Value in Cancer Care

October 7, 2014: James Yu, MD - Comparative Effectiveness of Surgery and Radiosurgery for Stage I NSCLC

October 7, 2014: Roy Decker, MD, PhD - The Yale Thoracic Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Program

September 30, 2014: Jeanne Hendrickson, MD - Transfusion Medicine Updates

September 30, 2014: Anushree Shirali, MD - Onco-Nephrology: Managing Cancer-Related Kidney Disease

September 23, 2014: Cindy M.P. Duke, MD, PhD - Updates on Fertility Preservation Options for the Cancer Patient

September 23, 2014: Sajid Khan, MD - To Cut or not to Cut: the Path to Using Molecular Profiles to Manage Metastatic Cancer

September 16, 2014: Sourav Ghosh, PhD - Targeting aPKC Diables Oncogenic Signaling by both the EGFR and the Proinflammatory Cytokine TNFa in Glioblastoma

September 9, 2014: Thomas Lynch, Jr., MD - Next Generation EGFR Inhibitors for Mutations + Disease

September 9, 2014 - Strategies to Prevent and Overcome Resistance to EGFR-directed Therapies in Lung Cancer

June 17, 2014: David G. Schatz, PhD - What Prevents Catastrophic Instability of the Lymphocyte Genome During Antigen Receptor Gene Assembly?

June 17, 2014: Tamar Taddei, MD - Multidisciplinary Management of Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC)

June 10, 2014: Daniel Petrylak, MD - Approaches to the Treatment of Advanced Bladder Cancer

June 10, 2014: Roy S. Herbst, MD, PhD - Innovation in Clinical Trials Design in the Era of Genomic Medicine: From the BATTLE Trial to Master Protocols

May 27, 2014: Richard Bucala, MD, PhD - The Inflammatory Pathogenesis of Cancer-Progress in the Gene Specific Targeting of MIF

May 27, 2014: Michael Hodsdon, MD, PhD - Rapid Detection of Carbapenenase Activity in Clinical Specimens by Mass Spectrometry

May 20, 2014: Craig Crews, PhD - Making the Problem Go Away: Induced Protein Degradation as a Novel Therapeutic Strategy

May 20, 2014: Leah Ferrucci, PhD, MPH - Ultraviolet Radiation Behaviors among Young Skin Cancer Survivors

April 29, 2014: Steven L. Bernstein, MD - Tobacco Control in the Hospital Emergency Department

April 22, 2014: Lynn Cooley, PhD - Advantages of not Completing Mitotic Cell Division

April 22, 2014: Alexander Vortmeyer, MD, PhD - Developmentally Arrested Structures: Earliest Steps of Tumorigenesis

April 1, 2014: Raymond Russell, III, MD PhD - Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The role of cardio-oncology in optimizing the care of patients with cancer

April 1, 2014: James J. Farrell, MD - Endoscopic Management and Pancreatic Cancer

March 18, 2014- Peter Marks, MD, PhD - From Bench to Shelftop: Moving Therapy for Cancer from Discovery through to the Market

March 11, 2014- Evan D. Morris, PhD - How to Design a PET Experiment to Image a Target Molecule: Experience with 11C-erlotinib imaging of EGFR

March 11, 2014- Kathryn Miller-Jensen, PhD - High-throughput secretomic analysis of single cells for systems immunology

January 14, 2014- Gaetane Michaud, MD - Small Lung Biopsies

January 14, 2014- Richard Kibbey, MD, PhD - Beyond Metabolomics: Assessing metabolic fluxes essential for cell growth and energy sensing