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Thematic Area Workshops

To provide concrete skills in our five thematic areas, we will have workshops in these areas that will give Fellows the opportunity to learn and/or expand their existing knowledge and skills. Each workshop will cover foundational knowledge, core theoretical and conceptual models, core methodologic and analytic approaches, and examples of use in CPC research. Each of the five thematic area workshops will occur annually and consist of a full day session. Primary and Resource Faculty with expertise in these areas will participate in the workshop, and we will invite researchers conducting research in specific areas to be speakers in the Workshop series and to give the emerging developments talk for each Workshop.

YCC CPC Research Program Seminar Series

Fellows will be required to attend our YCC CPC Research Program Seminars, which are held 8-9 times each year (i.e., monthly except for summer). On the day of each presentation, we will set aside time and encourage Fellows to talk exclusively with visiting speakers. These opportunities are designed to foster career development, networking opportunities, and intensive information exchange with respected figures in the field of CPC research. We will also invite Peer Mentors to return to Yale as speakers, providing a nice opportunity for existing Fellows to meet in person with their Peer Mentors.

Additional Seminars, Workshops, Courses, and Meetings

Fellows are also encouraged to attend seminars on topics relevant to their interests and areas of research from other centers, programs, and departments throughout Yale (e.g., YCC Grand Rounds, COPPER Center seminars, Obesity and Cancer Working Group Seminars; Implementation Science seminars hosted by Drs. Spiegelman and Bernstein’s Implementation Science Centers; Community Engaged Research seminars hosted by Dr. Nunez-Smith’s ERIC, CRE and YSPH’s Office of Public Health Practice). Fellows are encouraged to attend national meetings to present their data, meet other scientists, and learn about new ideas and techniques. The Yale CPC Training Program Steering Committee will create a Program calendar by compiling meetings, seminars, events, and workshops that may be of interest to Fellows