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Yale Cancer Center Administration

Cancer Center Director

Charles S. Fuchs, MD, MPH

(203) 785-4371

Chairman, Director's Advisory Board
Louis R. Chenevert
Cancer Center Deputy Director 
Daniel C. DiMaio, MD, PhD 
(203) 785-2684
Cancer Center Deputy Director, Finance and Administration  
Kevin Vest, MBA, FACHE 
(203) 785-4098
Co-Director, Cancer Biology Institute
Associate Cancer Center Director, Basic Science
Mark A. Lemmon, PhD
(203) 785-6081
Associate Cancer Center Director, Research Affairs 
Robert Garofalo, PhD
(203) 785-5427
Associate Cancer Center Director for Clinical Sciences
Roy Decker, MD/PhD
(203) 737-2758
Associate Cancer Center Director, Translational Science
Roy S. Herbst, MD, PhD 
(203) 785-6879
Associate Cancer Center Director, Population Sciences  
Melinda L. Irwin, PhD 
(203) 785-6392 
Associate Cancer Center Director, Education, Training and Faculty Development 
Harriet Kluger, MD
(203) 737-2572
Associate Cancer Center Director, Experimental Therapeutics 
Patricia M. LoRusso, DO  
(203) 737-6980 
Associate Cancer Center Director, Shared Resources
David Stern, PhD
(203) 785-4832
Assistant Cancer Center Director for Research Development
Don Nguyen, PhD
(203) 737-4514
Assistant Cancer Center Director, Global Oncology
Donna Spiegelman, ScD

Assistant Cancer Center Director, Global Oncology
Yawei Zhang, MD, PhD, MPH

Assistant Cancer Center Director, Surgery
Nita Ahuja, MD, MBA
(203) 785-6763
Assistant Cancer Center Director, Membership
Edward Snyder, MD
(203) 688-2441


Operations Manager
Stephanie Signore

Senior HR Generalist
Candice van Emmenes
(203) 737-4099 

Administrative Services Supervisor
Anna Raso
(203) 785-6407 

External Relations

Director, Public Affairs & Communications
Renee Gaudette
(203) 671-8156

Business Office

Assistant Director, Finance and Administration 
Adam Roshka, MBA
(203) 785-2136