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Yale Cancer Center Administration

Cancer Center Director

Charles S. Fuchs, MD, MPH

(203) 785-4371

Chairman, Director's Advisory Board
Louis R. Chenevert
Cancer Center Deputy Director
Daniel C. DiMaio, MD, PhD
(203) 785-2684

Cancer Center Senior Director, Finance and Administration
Margaret Gilshannon
(203) 737-7057

Co-Director, Cancer Biology Institute
Associate Cancer Center Director, Basic Science
Mark A. Lemmon, PhD
(203) 785-6081
Associate Cancer Center Director, Research Affairs
Robert Garofalo, PhD
(203) 785-5427
Associate Cancer Center Director for Clinical Sciences
Roy Decker, MD/PhD
(203) 737-2758
Associate Cancer Center Director, Translational Science
Roy S. Herbst, MD, PhD
(203) 785-6879
Associate Cancer Center Director, Population Sciences
Melinda L. Irwin, PhD
(203) 785-6392
Associate Cancer Center Director, Education, Training and Faculty Development
Harriet Kluger, MD
(203) 737-2572
Associate Cancer Center Director, Experimental Therapeutics
Patricia M. LoRusso, DO
(203) 737-6980
Marcella Nunez-Smith
Associate Cancer Center Director for Community Outreach and Engagement
Marcella Nunez-Smith, MD, MHS
(203) 785-6454
Associate Cancer Center Director, Shared Resources
David Stern, PhD
(203) 785-4832
Assistant Cancer Center Director for Research Development
Don Nguyen, PhD
(203) 737-4514
Assistant Cancer Center Director, Surgery
Nita Ahuja, MD, MBA
(203) 785-6763
Assistant Cancer Center Director, Membership
Edward Snyder, MD
(203) 688-2441


Operations Manager
Stephanie Signore

Senior HR Generalist
Candice van Emmenes
(203) 737-4099

Administrative Services Supervisor
Anna Raso
(203) 785-6407

External Relations

Director, Public Affairs & Communications
Renee Gaudette
(203) 671-8156

Business Office

Senior Director of Finance & Administration for Integrated Business Operations
Margaret H. Gilshannon, MHA
(203) 737-7057

Assistant Director, Finance and Administration
Adam Roshka, MBA
(203) 785-2136