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Data and Safety Monitoring Committee (DSMC)

The purpose of the Yale Cancer Center (YCC) Data and Safety Monitoring Committee (DSMC) is to provide ongoing data and safety monitoring for all interventional cancer clinical trials, which include therapeutic, intervention prevention and intervention supportive care studies. The Committee reviews all SAEs, protocol and subject deviations and internal and external audit reports monthly and protocol specific data and safety monitoring reports at the frequency initially determined by the Protocol Review Committee based on trial sponsorship and risk. The DSMC has authority to intervene in the conduct of these studies as necessary to ensure the safety of the participants and to maintain the highest quality in the clinical research performed at YCC. The YCC DSMC is an oversight committee, which is an integral component to both the YCC institutional Data and Safety Monitoring Plan and protocol specific data and safety monitoring for trials conducted at YCC. Guidelines for Submission The Office of Quality Assurance and Monitoring will send notification of DSMC review to the Clinical Research Team (CRT).

Submissions are made electronically to

DSMC Charter

Guidelines for Submission

The Quality and Education team will send notification of DSMC review the clinical Research Team (CRT).

Submission are made electronically to

Committee Chairs

  • Chair

    Associate Professor of Medicine (Medical Oncology); Associate Chief Medical Officer, Network Medical Services; Chief Network Officer, Smilow Cancer Hospital; Clinical Director, Division of GI Medical Oncology, Yale Cancer Center

    Dr. Kortmansky is an Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine (Medical Oncology) and the Chief Network Officer for the Smilow Cancer Hospital Network. He graduated from Northwestern University Medical School and completed his fellowship in Oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Dr. Kortmansky has been caring for patients in Connecticut for more than 20 years, and has established a leading practice in gastrointestinal cancers. Learn more about Dr. Jeremy Kortmansky >>
  • Vice-Chair

    Professor of Laboratory Medicine; Committee Chair, Conflict of Interest; Vice Chair, DSMC Committee, Yale Cancer Center; Chair, Membership Committee, Yale Cancer Center; Director, Transfusion Service, Bridgeport/Milford; Professor, Pathology