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YCC Annual Conclave Awards

Previous Conclave Award Winners:

Clinical Excellence Lifetime Achievement Research Prizes
2021 Nikolai Podoltsev and Jennifer Moliterno Richard Edelson Class of '61- Rong Fan and Shangqin Guo; Basic- Marcus Bosenberg and Qin Yan; Clinical Science- Lajos Pusztai; Translational Science- Faye Rogers; Population Science- Elizabeth Claus; Ruth McCorkle- Carol Staugaard; Mentorship Excellence- Alfred Lee; Teaching Excellence- David F. Stern; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion- Faye Rogers
2020 Shari Damast and Thomas Prebet David Fischer Class of '61- Ranjit Bindra and Don Nguyen; Basic- Akiko Iwasaki; Clinical Science- Roy S. Herbst; Translational Science- Aaron Ring, Peter Glazer, and Ranjit Bindra; Population Science- Nicole Deziel; Ruth McCorkle- Jacqueline Dibble; Mentorship Excellence- Cary Gross; Teaching Excellence- Paul Eder
2019 Debra Brandt and Kevin Kim Ruth Halaban Class of '61- Qin Yan; Basic- Sidi Chen; Clinical Science- Barbara Burtness and Daniel Petrylak; Translational Science- Lieping Chen; Population Science- Linda Niccolai; Ruth McCorkle- Raymond Lennox
2018 Andrea Silber and Veronica Chiang I. George Miller Katerina Politi-Class of '61; Alessandro Santin-Clinical; Rachel Perry- Translational; Mark Lemmon- Basic; Nina Kadan-Lottick- Prevention and Control
2017 Scott Gettinger Ruth McCorkle Patrick Sung- Basic Science; Ranjit Bindra- Translational; Katerina Politi and Scott Gettinger- Clinical; James B. Yu- Population Science
2016 Stuart Seropian Vincent DeVita Jeffrey Townsend- Translational; Richard Kibbey- Basic Science; Madhav Dhodapkar- Clinical; Shi-Yi Wang- Population Science
2015 Elena Ratner Sherman M. Weissman Douglas E. Brash- Basic Science; Craig Crews- Translational; Anees Chagpar- Clinical; Melinda Irwin- Population Science
2014 Nina Horowitz Sara Rockwell Narendra Wajapeyee- Translational; Valentine Greco- Basic Science; Meena Moran- Clinical; Ted Holford- Population Science
2013 Stephan Ariyan Bernard Forget Mario Sznol- Clinical; Cary Gross/James Yu- Population Science; Don Nguyen- Basic Science; Murat Gunel- Translational
2012 Leonard Farber Arthur Levy Peter Schwartz Mario Sznol- Clinical; Susan Mayne- Population Science; Ruth Halaban- Basic Science
2011 Roy Decker Alan Sartorelli Rick Lifton; Ruth McCorkle
2010 Dennis Cooper William Prusoff Benjamin Toll; Frank Slack
2009 Ronald Salem Frank Slack; Joanne Weidhaas