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Center provides researchers access to highly specialized tools

May 01, 2016

If a researcher needs highly the specialized expertise and equipment required to investigate a blood disease, where does she go?

Answer: the Yale Cooperative Center of Excellence in Hematology Specialized Core Center (YCCEH). The National Institutes of Health has designated Yale as one of three universities nationwide to receive a $5 million, five-year grant. The others include the University of Washington and Indiana University.

“It’s a big honor that Yale is one of the three centers nationwide, and it puts us on the map for being experts in top-notch hematology research,” says Diane S. Krause, M.D., Ph.D., professor of laboratory medicine, cell biology, and pathology, and associate director of the Yale Stem Cell Center.

Krause is the grant’s co-principal investigator. The other principal investigator is Patrick Gallagher, M.D., professor of pediatrics, genetics, and pathology.

The grant provides money for pilot and feasibility studies, guest seminars, and staff members for each of its four core centers who handle research and training requests.

The specialized core, which opened last September, facilitates cell preparation and analysis, imaging, gene expression and genomics, and animal modeling.

Additionally, the three universities have special sharing privileges.

More information on the YCCEH is available at

Submitted by Claudia Davis on August 09, 2016