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The State of Black America and COVID-19: a Two-Year Assessment

March 29, 2022

Despite increasing optimism, the pandemic is not yet over. In our new report, commissioned in partnership with the Black Coalition Against COVID (BCAC) and the Satcher Health Leadership Institute at Morehouse School of Medicine, we examine the consequences of the pandemic for Black America.

In this two-year assessment, we have found that Black Americans reported pandemic-related mental health concerns at a rate almost 10 percent higher than White Americans. One in 310 Black children lost a parent or caregiver. Those 75-84 years died almost four times as often as their White counterparts. Black Americans were twice as likely as White Americans to experience food insecurity.

COVID-19’s toll on Black Americans is ongoing. This report draws attention to the continued disproportionate burden experienced by members of the Black community and will help guide advocacy and policy efforts to address these inequities—both during the current pandemic and beyond. Vigilance and intentionality remain critical to ensure an equitable recovery for Black Americans.

Submitted by Tara M. Rizzo on March 31, 2022